The Retroactive Gamer Blog! Yay!

I don’t know how you’ve found this page and are reading it, but thank you for getting this far. The Retroactive Gamer isn’t just a retro game blog, though of course we love to talk about them. The name’s meant to be a pun sort of deal. Like we play retro games, and new games so we’re retro-active, right? Yeah, well it was that or some kind of Zelda pun.

Anyway I want to sort of flesh out a mission statement of sorts here that justifies this blog’s existence.

Things you can expect:

The contributors of this blog and myself are writing articles here for two reasons. We love games, being the main one. The other reason is that we all have an opinion on video games as an industry, their cultural significance, their standing as an art form, and the progress being made in a fledgling artform with regards to every element of their being. That might sound a bit grandiose. There’ll probably be lolcats dressed up like Link or something too.

With this in mind, the articles here aren’t going to be game previews or reviews of upcoming titles. We’re not the mainstream press, we’re just fans. It’d be idiotic to do what some blogs do, and attempt to write reviews with demos. If we do write an article about a game, it’ll be out, you might have it too, and all we know will be all you can find in a magazine or another site. We’re not trying to usurp the mainline press. The advantage we do have, however, is that we don’t have the burden of trying to run a business. We can afford to spend the time getting down to the nitty gritty about just one particular idea and run with it because we’re not chasing exclusives or meeting deadlines.

My intention is to run as a commentary and companion to games and gaming culture, and that includes the gaming press.

So expect a melange of articles on topics such as retro games, game developement, indie gaming, essays, retrospectives, and our take on current news items and the latest games that are on the shelves. Join in the discourse with the comments fuction, because this is a conversation.

The Big Whoop Podcast! Yay!

Now from time to time we’re going to make a podcast! It’ll be fun, they normally are. Expect chat, music, discourse, fun, chat. Mainly chat. You get it for free if you know the reference. And if you don’t.

And yes, you can haz cheeseburger.

– Mike